How to permaculture your urban lifestyle.

A good-life ebook design guide for Millennials, Boomers, and Generation X.  Strategies, tools, and techniques to help you navigate the cardinal threats of climate instability, economic irrationality, the limits to growth, and political criminality.

An Almanac of  Useful Information
and Urban Permaculture Self-Study Guide.

iPermie! has 14 sections, 248 chapters -- approximately 399,000 words!
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Section and Chapter Tables of Contents,
together with short summaries of each section and chapter.

Read the first three sections.

Precinct Community Assemblies a tactic for urban organizing.

Ten principles of household and community food security.

Waldrop at pianoThe author Bob Waldrop, who is he?
Bob earned a certificate in permaculture design from Elfin Permaculture in Florida in 2007. He was a discussion leader with the Barking Frogs Permaculture Online Permaculture Design Course for two course cycles.

In 2013, the Permaculture Institute awarded him a Permaculture Diploma in Education, Community Service, Research, Media, and Finance.

He is the president of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, America's first coop to focus on locally grown and made foods and goods; Bob is the founder of the Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City, which works in food security for low income people. He was born and raised on a farm in southwest Oklahoma and has been involved with sustainable living and grassroots activism and advocacy for forty years.

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From the Introduction. . .
iPermie is a work of love and sorrow.

It flows from love for people, love for the planet, and love for the future.

It is informed by sorrow for people, sorrow for the planet, and sorrow for the future.

This book offers a comprehensive, holistic view of the signs of these times
and lays out a path towards a better way ot living that can be accessed by
anyone with the will to do some thinking, observing, and planning.

This book is about hope it's about how we can create self-fulfilling
prophecies of a better world, where we care for people, care for the planet,
and have a care for the future.

This book is about empowerment. Far too many of us feel powerless
in the face of the gigantic forces at work in this world. We don't understand
the power we retain within and we certainly don't want to trust ourselves.
This book will help you understand that everything that you need is already
within you. Sure, you may need some details, skills, and etc., but you already
have the most important things you need for the future. We begin our
journey as you and I learn to trust ourselves.

This book is not a litany of scary stories. It has a few -- everyone likes a
little adrenalin rush now and then -- but that's not the theme.

Permaculture can help you design your life so that you will experience
more beauty, health, happiness, freedom, security, and cooperation,
with less work, consumption, injustice, conflict, stress, danger, and waste.

There is a definite focus throughout the iPermie text on what people can
do to care for the earth, care for people, and have a care for the future
without spending big piles of cash. Indeed, besides the sustainability aspects,
iPermie could be considered a manual of "champagne living on a beer budget,"
which is to say, "How to have a great life without spending lots of money
and going deeply into debt."

Permaculture, as a design system, works every bit as well for people in cities
as it does for those in rural areas. It is not primarily about growing food
or using perennial plants in landscapes. It is about designing ways to live
in accordance with the permaculture ethics, so that we care for people,
care for the planet, and have a care for the future as we design and
embrace voluntary limits on consumption and ensure that surplus
circulates and does not centralize or concentrate.

Bob Waldrop
January 6, 2013
Oklahoma City

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